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Helping Guests Find Their Paradise

Tourists and guests can often miss out on the amazing experiences and opportunities their destination offers them. After all, who wants to study a guide book when the ski slopes or sunny beaches are calling your name? Many of today’s tourism destinations use a custom app to inform guests of what’s happening during their stay, and help make their vacations all the more memorable.

Apps Canada came to us because they needed to overhaul their CMS - so that their tourism destination clients could add new content to their custom apps in a faster and more accessible way.

project requirements

Clear navigation

We received repeated feedback that the current structure of the system was confusing to navigate, and needed more informative headers.

Powerful editing tools

Many of the content management tasks were cumbersome to perform, and were taking much longer than necessary to complete.

Standardized user flows

The CMS system had been built over time, leading to a variety of user flows across different parts of the system, which needed to be standardized.


After a comprehensive review of the existing system, as well as user feedback, we had the understanding necessary to streamline the CMS structure and user features.

The end product was a ground-up redesign of the content management system, which helped the end clients reduce their training time and helped streamline their content pipeline.

We reworked the both the structure of the system and the core features of the content editor - introducing quality of life improvements like drag-and-drop content uploading ,which made many repetitive tasks take seconds instead of minutes.

Most importantly, we worked within the limits of existing system - ensuring all our redesigns were compliant with their back-end functionality - which contributed to a smooth implementation.

about the client

Apps Canada provides white-labeled apps for tourism destinations, helping them better connect with their guests.

Apps Canada is a sister company to Barber Media, a print and display company that produces and distributes print media at 48 key locations along British Columbia’s Sea to Sky corridor.

After several successful years in business, they realized that tourism apps could provide a complimentary service to their existing customers, and started Apps Canada to pursue that opportunity.

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