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The Dirty Business of Illegal Soil Dumping

Excavated soil from construction sites can be toxic and can lead to health problems and ecological damage when dumped in unprotected areas, such as roadside ditches, rural properties and vacant areas. Unfortunately, the rate of illegal soil dumping is growing steadily, due to the time and cost savings for disposal companies.

Green Analytics came to us with an idea — an app that would track the routes and dumping schedule of commercial soil-disposal trucks. They needed our design help in making their solution a reality.

project requirements

A trust-worthy identity

Safe Soil needed a strong identity that could communicate quality, trust and authenticity to all parties, including drivers, management and auditors.

Clear communication

The app needed to provide clear guidance to drivers about their designated routes and schedules to prevent confusion and delays.

Accurate process capture

We learned about the multiple steps and check-ins required for proper soil disposal, which needed to be accurately represented and recorded in the app.


After conducting a thorough research process with the client, we had the knowledge and understanding required to draft the user flow of the app and iterate on the product design.

The final result was a comprehensive set of app wireframes, which clearly and intuitively guided drivers through their delivery routes and ensures that the dumping procedure was executed correctly.

We also created high-fidelity designs for each of the key user flows of the app, including state animations and transitions between screens, so that Green Analytics could move into production with confidence.

Finally, we put together a simple and concise brand identity alongside the app designs, which included key art assets to be used in marketing materials.

about the client

Green Analytics is an environmentally focused consulting firm, which specializes in helping businesses understand and manage their natural resources.

Through research, analysis, and data and software systems development, Green Analytics supports policy analysis and management strategy for their clients in the public, private and non-profit sector.

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